April is our month for our yearly JRPAT testing (JOB RELATED PHYSICAL ABILITY TEST) of all of our members. This test is mandatory for all of our members to show that they are able to meet the physical requirements of the tasks we are expected to perform. It was two days of rigorous testing and we are proud to say that our members did an exceptional job.

The testing is done on site at our Station 1 and consists of a stair climb carrying a hose pack that simulates an apartment fire scenario, then an equipment raise on a rope from the third floor of the parking ramp, continuing with a hose drag with a weighted hose and coupling, ending with a Dummy Drag where we have to pull a 165lb training dummy around a prescribed course. All of the evolutions have to be completed within the time it takes for the individual firefighter to use up the air pack cylinder. (This varies for each of the firefighters)

All of our firefighters are dedicated to the job they are doing and we are thankful for that dedication everyday! Great job by all!