p–13319532889370—-13319532889371–At 107am Huntersville Station 2 was dispatchedto respond with Cornelius FD on a structure fire off Norman Shores Dr. CorneliusEngine 4 arrived on location and reported a working fire involving a largehome. Davidson Fire Department was added as the working fire company and taskedas the RIT team. Cornelius Engine 4 initiated fire attack while Cornelius Hookamp Ladder 44 arrived and advanced additional lines into the home.Huntersville Engine 22 arrived on scene and established water supply byconducting a forward lay into Engine 4. Engine 22s crew conducted a primarysearch of the residence and then assisted with fire suppression. Additionalmanpower from Huntersville and Cornelius arrived on scene and assisted with firesuppression. The hard work of all crews on hand contained the main body of fireto the garage area of the home. Due to the large size of the home crewsremained on scene for an extended time frame. span stylenbspspanPhotos obtained from Cornelius-Lemley Fireamp Rescuep–13319532889372—-13319532889373—-13319532889374–p classMsoNoSpacinguUnits on sceneu Cornelius E4 E6 E3 HampL 44 Huntersville E22 R2 Davidson E1 MEDIC Cornelius PDbrpp classMsoNoSpacingClick below for more pictures.p