Today we performed Tanker Apparatus Checkoff over at our Station #4 for the Full-Time crews on A-Shift and any Part-Time firefighters needing it working. Tanker operations are an integral component to the Huntersville landscape as we have several areas throughout the town that do not have Hydrants. Out Tanker 1 is a 3000 gal. unit and Tanker 2 is a 2000 gal. unit. They both require special driving skills due to their weight and size and training like this allows for our Firefighters to obtain that much needed training.

Tanker Apparatus need drop tanks to hold water for the Engines to draft out of as you can see below, this training allows for the Engineer of the Engine Company to practice Drafting from a static water supply and controlling his water supply during a Tanker operation. This is a honed skill and thankfully we had some many years of experience on scene including Batt. Chief Auten, Capt. Nantz, and Lt. Reagan to educate our Firefighters on the many aspects of pumping throughout a Tanker Operation.

As you can see this can turn into a very involved situation pretty darn quick. These types of emergencies are why we need the manpower on scene and quickly to get the equipment set up and ready to go. All of this has to happen while the first arriving Engine Company is stretching lines into the fire so Manpower on the scene is crucial.