p–13405945621010—-13405945621011—-13405945621012—-13405945621013–Atspan stylemso-spacerunyes span155am Huntersville Station 3 was dispatchedfor a motor vehicle accident on Eastfield road in front of the Independence HillChurch. Engine 3 with 3 personnel quickly marked en route. span stylemso-spacerunyesnbspspanWhile responding Central advised that theaccident involved a motorcycle and that the vehicles were currently on fire. Engine3 reported smoke visible from over a mile out as they responded. Engine 1 with4 personnel was added to call and began responding. Engine 3 approached thescene from the Alexanderana Road side of the accident scene and marked on scenereporting an SUV with heavy fire showing. Engine 3 stretched the bumper line tothe burning SUV and began attacking the fire. Engine 1 approached the scenefrom the Old Statesville Road side and marked on scene reporting one victimdown in the roadway with a large debris field. Half of Engine 1s crew 2personnel assessed the victim the driver of a moped struck from behind bythe SUV while the other half of the crew ran to the burning vehicle andassisted Engine 3s crew with extinguishment and the search for additionalvictims. A MEDIC ALS unit and MEDIC Supervisor arrived on scene and with thehelp of Engine 1s crew packaged the patient for immediate transport to CMCMain. pp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyDuring overhaul at the scene the bulkof the Moped was located several hundred feet down the street wedged under theSUV. The SUV driver reported that he did not see the Moped till the last minuteand hit the rear of the bike at full speed with the Moped driver flying overthe top of the SUV landing in the street. The SUV continued a few hundred feetdown the street with the Moped lodged underneath rupturing the fuel tank andcausing the fire. The SUV driver was able to self extricate prior to the vehiclebecoming fully involved in fire. Both vehicles were completely destroyed – sufferingheavy fire damage. The Moped driver suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.The SUV driver refused treatment. The scene was turned over to CMPD forinvestigation and all Huntersville units were clear the scene by 256am. span stylemso-spacerunyesnbspspanpp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyUnits on scene Huntersville Engine3 Engine 1 Chief 902 Charlotte Mecklenburg PD Huntersville PD MEDIC ALS and MEDICSupervisor. pp classMsoNormalNews Story a hrefhttpwww.wbtv.comstory18865521one-hurt-when-car-hits-moped-in-north-charlotte fcksavedurlhttpwww.wbtv.comstory18865521one-hurt-when-car-hits-moped-in-north-charlottehttpwww.wbtv.comstory18865521one-hurt-when-car-hits-moped-in-north-charlotteapp classMsoNormalClick below for pictures.ppp