p–13411707492490—-13411707492491—-13411707492492—-13411707492493–At 129pm Huntersville Station 1was dispatched to a HAZMAT spill at the Melbourne neighborhood pool house offShepparton Drive. Engine 1 quickly marked en route as did Chief 902. Engine 1 arrived on scene along with Huntersville 219 Captain Cook. 219 establishedcommand and determined that the incident would require a Hazmat response fromCharlotte in order to handle the situation. Charlotte fire was immediatelyadded to the call along with MEDIC ALS North Meck rescue and HuntersvilleRescue 1 from station 2 to assist with rehab. MEDIC dispatched 702 and 703 their mass casualty bus to assist with rehab since fire personnel would beoperating in turn-out and Hazmat gear on scene in the high heat conditions thethermometer at the pool read 104 degrees. Hazmat 1 and 2 responded fromCharlotte station 13 and began to set up operations MEDIC and North Meckarrived to set up a rehab point for the firefighters. pp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyOnce all units were on scene andan operational and medical plan was established Charlotte Fire dressed fourfirefighters in chemical suits and Huntersville dressed four fire fighters inturnout gear with all eight wearing self contained breathing apparatus as well.Two HFD firefighters established a hose line to protect the hazmat teamoperating at the pool house while the other two HFD firefighters manned thewash down pools near the entrance to the pool area. Two CFD firefightersremained dress in chemical gear as reserve in the rehab area case of anemergency with the first two operating at the pool house. pp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyTwo Huntersville fire fightersset up and flowed an 1 the hose line just outside the pool house as the two CharlotteHazmat members entered and controlled the chemical reaction in the pool house.Once complete both Hazmat members exited the hot zone and were washed down by theother two Huntersville firefighters in two small pools set up just outside thepool area in the parking lot. Huntersville set up a positive pressure fan atthe pool house to ventilate the remaining gases. Command then marked thesituation under control. span stylemso-spacerunyesnbspspanpp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyspan stylemso-bidi-font-familyCalibrimso-bidi-theme-fontminor-latinAll firefighters Charlotte andHuntersville that were dressed in chemical or turnout gear were then moved toMEDICs mass casualty bus to be checked and monitored for heat exhaustion.Almost all of the firefighters required spanspan stylemso-bidi-font-familyCalibrimso-bidi-theme-fontminor-latinmso-ansi-languageEN langENIntravenous IVrehydration and were treated on scene fortunately no one required transport oradditional treatment. Once all firefighters were released by MEDIC the scenewas cleared at 407pm.spanpp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyspan stylemso-bidi-font-familyCalibrimso-bidi-theme-fontminor-latinUnits on scene Huntersville Engine 1Heavy Rescue 1 Chief 902 Charlotte Fire Department Hazmat 1 Hazmat 2Battalion Chief 3 spanspan classmessagebody4span stylemso-bidi-font-familyCalibrimso-bidi-theme-fontminor-latinmso-ansi-languageEN langENOffice of Media amp Public Affairsspan North Meck Rescue 7 spanspan stylemso-bidi-font-familyCalibrimso-bidi-theme-fontminor-latinHuntersvillePD MEDIC ALS span stylemso-spacerunyesnbspspanMEDIC Mass CasualtyResponse unit 702 and MEDIC Mass Casualty Bus 703 Mecklenburg County FireMarshal.spanpp classMsoNormalNews Story a hrefhttpwww.wbtv.comstory18925064hazmat-crew-called-to-huntersville-pool-saturday fcksavedurlhttpwww.wbtv.comstory18925064hazmat-crew-called-to-huntersville-pool-saturdayhttpwww.wbtv.comstory18925064hazmat-crew-called-to-huntersville-pool-saturdayapp classMsoNormalClick below for pictures.ppp