p–13371305481440—-13371305481441—-13371305481442–span stylefont-size12.0ptAt 1228pm just as Engine 2 wasfinishing up with the car fire Huntersville Station 2 was spandispatchedalong with Cornelius Fire to a water rescue in Lake Norman just off the 17800block of Largo Place in Cornelius. Huntersville Brush 2 responded to deploy thefire boat while Cornelius responded with apparatus to a land location closest to the incident toestablish incident command. Cornelius deployed their boat as well. Centralreported the incident involved a head-on collision of two jet skis with one teenagedpatient in the water and seriously injured. CMPD had their boat in the area andresponded to the scene and found the victim in the water. The patient wasretrieved and driven to the Ramsey Creek Boat launch where Medic determinedthat the patient required immediate helicopter transport to CMC Main forserious head injuries. Med Center Air responded and Cornelius Engine 2established a landing zone. The patient was stabilized by Cornelius and Medic personnelbefore care was transferred to Med Center Air which transported the patient toCMC main trauma center. Huntersville units cleared the call once it wasdetermined that the HFD boat was no longer needed and all patients wereaccounted for. Huntersville returned to service by 120pm. North Carolina WildlifeResource Commission is investigating the incident.p–13371305481443—-13371305481444—-13371305481445–p classMsoNoSpacingUnits on scene Huntersville Engine 2 Brush 2 Fire Boat 1 Cornelius Engine2 Rescue 4 OPS 1 Chief 9 and Boat 4 MEDIC ALS and MEDICnbspspan fcktemp1spanSupervisor Med Center Air Mecklenburg County PoliceDepartment Cornelius Police Department andthenbsp North Carolina WildlifeResource Commissionspan stylemso-ascii-font-familyCalibrimso-ascii-theme-fontminor-latinmso-hansi-font-familyCalibrimso-hansi-theme-fontminor-latinmso-ansi-languageEN langENspanpp classMsoNoSpacingspan stylemso-ascii-font-familyCalibrimso-ascii-theme-fontminor-latinmso-hansi-font-familyCalibrimso-hansi-theme-fontminor-latinmso-ansi-languageEN langENspanClick below for pictures. pictures obtained from Cornelius FDbrppp