p–13400494802020—-13400494802021—-13400494802022—-13400494802023–At 141pm Huntersville Station 1 was dispatched for a motorvehicle fire in the 12800 block of Statesville road. Engine 1 immediatelymarked en route. Within 2 minutes of dispatch Engine 1 arrived on scenefinding a Toyota Prius with the engine compartment fully involved with fire.Engine 1s crew immediately stretched the 1 bumper line and went to work. Thefire was knocked down quickly with the vehicle suffering heavy fire damage tothe engine compartment. pp classMsoNormalAt the time of the fire the vehicle was being road testedby the Huntersville Toyota Service Department following repairs when theyrealized it was on fire and called 911. pp classMsoNormalAll Huntersville units were clear the scene and returned toservice by 204pm with the scene turned over to Huntersville PD.brbrUnits on scene Huntersville Engine 1 Huntersville Police Department. pp classMsoNormalClick below for pictures.ppp