As we move forward through 2024, we have had to make some changes to our fleet to keep up with the changing landscape of the town. In the past few months we have sold our two military style brush trucks and purchased a new Brush truck and some utility Pick-ups to replace them.

Brush 1 and Brush 2 have served the Huntersville Fire Department for several decades and will be missed. Through an auction process within the Department, two of our members were able to purchase the trucks to keep them in the Fire Department family. (Hopefully we will still see them around town once in awhile)

Do not fear, while we are transitioning through this process, Brush 3 is still in service and waiting for her chance to shine!

Moving forward, we have ordered a new Brush unit and it is currently at Station 1 waiting a few more items and some lettering. Here is a little snippet of what we are going to be responding with.

We will be operating the existing Brush 3 and this new unit going forward so keep an eye out for them on the road. Thank you to our truck committee who has been working so very hard on this and our new Seagrave engines coming soon. So much hard work in the trenches to keep us moving forward.