p–13319532258290—-13319532258291—-13319532258292–At 221pm Huntersville Station 3 andNorth Mecklenburg Rescue were dispatched to a serious MVA with Pin-in onEastfield Road at Brown Road. Huntersville E3 arrived within minutes andreported a 2 vehicle head-on MVA with multiple entrapments. Huntersville Ladder1 was added to the call for manpower assistance. CMED advised that MedCenterAir was already en route to the scene at the time of dispatch. North Meck Rescue7 arrived to assist as did Charlotte Fire Department Engines 28 31 Ladder 31Rescue 10 and Battalion Chief 2. All crews worked together to free 2 adultpatients and 1 pediatric patient. The last patient was freed from their vehiclein approximately 45 minutes. Huntersville E3 remained on location for anextended period of time while CMPD conducted an investigation. MEDICtransported two patients via ALS ambulance and MedCenter Air transported onepatient via air to local trauma centers. brbruUnits on sceneu Huntersville E3 L1 North Meck R7 Charlotte FD E28E31 L31 R10 Bat Chief 2 2 MEDIC ALS ambulances MEDIC Supervisor MedCenter Air Charlotte Mecklenburg PDppClick below for more pictures.p–13319532258293—-13319532258294—-13319532258295–pp