Today, we put into service 85 brand new Motorola APX6000XE (model 3.5) P25 portable radios. Each front line apparatus received a bank charger, 5 portable lime green radios and lapel mics. Each line officer (Captain and above) received a single black radio, charger and lapel mic. Each radio has a robust template containing 50 zones. This will enable our members to communicate with surrounding jurisdictions as well as state agencies easily. Each of the radios is NC VIPER capable and contains all nine Domestic Preparedness Region Channels (DPR 1-9) as well as the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council Channels (NPSTC). Additionally each radio has the capability of communication on all operations channels in Lincoln County, Iredell County, Town of Mooresville, Catawba County, Cabarrus County, City of Concord Fire, City of Charlotte Fire, Union County, York County SC and the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Just another tool in our tool box that enables us to serve you everyday.#OneTownOneTeam #Interoperability