p–13366160060090—-13366160060091—-13366160060092–span stylefont-size12.0ptThis months trainingtopic is Vehicle Extrication. Training dates are Monday May 21st Tuesday May 22ndand Wednesday May 23rd.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanOn the firsttwo nights of training Monday and Tuesday we will be reviewing basicextrication techniques and going over the extrication equipment we have on ourtrucks.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanOn the third night Wednesdaywe will do scenario based incidents. Duty crews will be squeezed in each nightso please plan accordingly. The training will take place each night at the CookFarm off of Ervin Cook Road in station 2s area.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanspanpp classMsoNoSpacingspan stylefont-size12.0ptspanspan stylefont-size12.0ptWe would like tothank Mr. Cook for letting the Department use the farm and also thank Eddie Hutto andHunter Wrecker for supplying the cars for training – as always you support theFD without hesitation and come through whenever we need cars for training.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanspanppp