The month of March was a busy month for your Huntersville Firefighters. Our crews ran a total of 467 fire and emergency calls and had some very exciting training throughout the month. Below is a rundown of our responses throughout the month:

  • Fire Alarm Activations: 62
  • Citizen Assist Related Responses: 17
  • Traffic Accidents: 77
  • Brush Fires: 9
  • Smoke/Odor Investigations (Indoor/Outdoor): 21
  • Structure Fire Responses: 15
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm Activations: 15
  • Vehicle Fires: 3
  • EMS related responses: 219

Our crews were pretty busy with some fires throughout the month of March:

This month our Firefighters trained on the many aspects of hazardous Materials responses we may encounter throughout the town either on the roadways or the railways in our area. Thank you to Captain John Welty for all of huis expertise in this field and for sharing it with all of our members.

Four of our Part-Time Huntersville Firefighters graduated from the Charlotte Fire Department Recruit Academy this month and we could not be more proud. We are very happy to have them back on the schedule here in Huntersville working with us and sharing everything they learned in the CFD Academy.

Also this month has brought with it some more staffing changes for the Huntersville Fire Department as the Town Board has decided to hire all of the Part-Time member as Town Employees. Although there are little changes to the staffing model, this will not affect how your Fire Department will respond to any emergencies in the Town. We are fully staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week for any emergency that may arise.