p–13363974577380—-13363974577381—-13363974577382–p classMsoNoSpacing styletext-alignjustifyAt 624pm Huntersville Tanker1 was requested to respond to the 19000 block of Wooden Tee Lane to assistDavidson Fire Department with a stubborn Hay fire. Davidson Fire originally respondedto the fire early on Sunday morning around 4am but had trouble throughout theday completely extinguishing the 20-25 bales of hay. Huntersville Tanker 1 withtwo personnel responded to the scene and assisted in extinguishing the fire. Tanker1 made three shuttle runs for a total of 9000 gallons of water. Tanker 1supplied Davidsons Engine 3 to flow their deck gun on the hay. Huntersvillewas on-scene for a little over 2 hours and all Huntersville Units cleared by825pm.pp classMsoNoSpacing styletext-alignjustifynbspClick below for pictures.pp