p–13405940104880—-13405940104881—-13405940104882—-13405940104883–Five Huntersville Firefighters attendeda going home celebration for 13yr old Devin Gilchrist at Carolinas MedicalCenters Levine Childrens Hospital. Deputy Chief Ben Reagan and Firefighters KendallIrvin Ray Murphy Billy Costello Travis Richardson and C.J. Auten had theopportunity to meet Gilchrist in person during the celebration. The last time thefirefighters met Devin they were trying to save his life. pp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyOn the morning of January 26thDevin went into Cardiac Arrest due to a rare heart condition.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanThe duty crew assigned to station 2 got thecall that morning and quickly responded to his home located in the TannersCreek subdivision. Upon arrival Devin was found pulseless with his olderbrother performing CPR. The Duty crew immediately took over performinguninterrupted CPR and administering shocks via an Automatic External Defibrillatorand assisting Medic with his rapid transport to downtown Charlotte. pp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyDevin is alive and well today dueto the aggressive and professional actions of these HuntersvilleFirefighters.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanDevin his family and thestaff of CMC praised the firefighters for a job well done. Devin was happy tosee the Firefighters at his party. According to Carrie Keuten of CMC it wasevident in Devins smile and the fact that he wanted a hug from each of thefirefighters. Had it not been for the firefighters professional and timelyresponse Devin may not be with us today. pp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyDevin returned home on June 14th2012span stylemso-spacerunyesnbspnbsp spanafter a lengthy stay at LevineChildrens Hospital with a Left Ventricular Assist Device LVAD orBlood Pump. span stylemso-spacerunyesnbspspanThis device isimplanted alongside his native heart.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanIttakes over the pumping function of the sick or weakened heart so that thelungs organs and tissues get the oxygen rich blood they need. The LVAD isconsidered a Life i stylemso-bidi-font-stylenormalsustainingidevice.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanDevin is currently awaiting aheart transplant. pp classMsoNormal styletext-alignjustifyNot many times do we asfirefighters get to see a truly positive outcome from our actions on the job.January 26supthsup these five men participated in an event withouthesitation that will give them a lifelong memory of the positive aspects in beinga public servant.span stylemso-spacerunyesnbsp spanThanks for a job welldone your fellow Huntersville Firefighters are very proud of you guys andfeel privileged to serve alongside you every day.pp classMsoNormalDeputy Chief Ben Reagan Not Pictured along withFirefighters pictured left to right Kendall Irvin Ray Murphy BillyCostello Travis Richardson and C.J. Autenpp classMsoNormalClick below for more pictures of the party. p